Mongoose Jam Evolving Into Elite BMX Contest

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Bicycles Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for people who build and repair bicycles, people who train cycling, or commute on bicycles. It only takes a minute to sign up. This is a canonical question that will hopefully encompass all of the questions we get asking us to determine what year a bicycle was manufactured how old is my bike, how old is my frame, etc. Each “answer” should address a different way to determine the manufacturing year of a bicycle. To some extent, these will also help you narrow down the model as well as it will tell you what distinguishing features to look at. Literature e. Cottered cranks vs square tapered or splined cranks and bottom brackets. Style of shifters brifters, triggers, etc.

Mongoose dating?

Mid school mongoose bmx front wheel its all good 0 0. Find a old school bmx on gumtree the 1 site for bikes bicycles for sale classifieds ads in the uk. Old school mongoose bmx bikes for sale. It has a gouge in it other than that in pretty good shape these are very hard to find shipped with usps first class package. Old school bmx mongoose portsmouth hampshire.

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All bikes 1 all have unique serial numbers. Most bicycles have their serial number engraved beneath their bottom bracket, but sometimes serial numbers are found in other places. Here are some examples of where and what to look for:. Some Schwinn bicycles have the unique identifying number their serial number on the head tube. This is on the front of the bike.

A serial number located on a rear dropout. Some BMX bikes and a few Schwinn bicycles place the serial on the rear dropout. On older Schwinns there are numbers stamped on both the drive side and non-drive side rear dropouts; the one on the non-drive side dropout is the serial number. Some bikes have multiple serial numbers. Hopefully you can find the serial number on the bicycle you’re looking at – email contact bikeindex.

Calgary police identify suspect in alleged bike theft, BMX still missing

Old school BMX Tange mystery fork here. This one is stamped Tange and dated The tubing on the legs of these forks are ovalized. The welds look very high quality. Tange Tubing and Fork

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CTVCalgary Contact. The youth’s bike, an orange Mongoose BMX, has sentimental value considering it was gifted to him by his late father. Officials say it possesses a particularly sentimental value to its owner, a year-old boy, because it was given to him by his father prior to his death. Friday morning, CPS released a tweet with the description of the suspect who is female, around 35 years of age, with a stocky build and approximately cm tall.

BMX bike stolen that was given to 12 yr old boy by his father prior to his death. They added the bike was taken from a bike stand outside the Walmart located at 37 Street S.

Gold mongoose bmx bike

Identifying the serial numbers on the early Mongoose frames is actually quite easy and intuitive. For the most part the early Mongoose frames from and into early were done with hand stamped 5 digit numbers starting from For example, a frame from will have the numbers like A feature of an early frame is the brake tab. The brake tab on these frames is rectangular in shape. Some time late and onwards it became a single layer of steel, more oval and thinner in shape.

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Who’s riding it? Age, height, weight, skill? Not knowing all that, I’d still refer you to the Mongoose Legion L instead. Much better beginner bike. AllanBMX wrote:. When it says chromoly mainframe that means top tube downtube and headtube most likely. Seat tube, chainstays, seat stays, bottom bracket and dropouts are most likely the inferior for this application Hi-tensile blend of steel.

And ya a little bit more mony and you got yourself a nice bike. I will soon be an owner of the legion in 2 days! I will tell all about it, in detail. I heard also that Hoffman makes very nice completes. Also I’m 5. I wasnt comparing brands just bikes. The one you listed originally is made with chromoly and hi-ten.

Frame ID > Serial #

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Bicycles Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for people who build and repair bicycles, people who train cycling, or commute on bicycles. It only takes a minute to sign up. A while back I bought a an old Bmx bike I’m certain it’s a mongoose but I’m not sure what year I plan to restore it but I’d like to know exactly what it is first.

Can anyone help with serial number reading.

I did add dates to the original post. healeyracer, as far as I know the theory that a Redline stamp == overseas manufacture was never confirmed.

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Mongoose Serial Number Info

That’s why we never ask for or store your personal details. Please press OK to continue. Quick, easy, side-by-side comparisons. Looks like a mongoose villain??? Not sure so being sold as unknown?? Good used condition, one grip split as photo shows, still ridable buyer collects.

Im certain the dating is right from your first link so ive searched.. can you have a look at the

Late to mid they added the brake bridge but lost the coaster mount. Mid to early they started using the stepdown dropout with the 2 holes machined in it, thus, the birth of the “super” dropout. So here is the serial breakdown. If it starts with: TC, this means its a team or supergoose. They must be overseas frames but came in chrome so are supergooses. That would be a team or super january a first month, “0” for mongoose. Another hint is the supergooses had three 3 holes in the brake bridge after october If you had the “T” in front, it meant it was a higher model, team or super if you have no “T” its a motomag or standard version.

And the “9” is the last digit of the year.. Sept of mongoose. Some early serials start like this: CE9 or CD Other than the cruisers which are easy to i.

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Users browsing this forum: Google [Bot] and 12 guests. Posted: Tue Dec 27, pm. I think it’s 4 letters then numbers as mine is the same in that it shows HF as the start of the serial number, although mine looks different in frame shape I’ll have a look at mine and take a pic when its not dark and raining.. Couldnt refind the HF reference to mongoose serial numbers although i knew I saw it a few years ago somewhere..

FRAME NUMBER DATINGBicycles that can be dated with % accuracy are Mid-school Mongoose BMX bikes built through most of the 90’s have a serial.

His nickname “PK” is a simple derivation from his first and last initials of his name and the inspiration of one of the most popular models of BMX bicycle, the “PK Ripper”, that is still in production. Note: In the early days of professional racing, prior to , many tracks offered small purse prize money to the older racers of an event, even before the official sanctioning bodies offered prize money in formal divisions themselves. Hence, some early “professionals” like Stu Thomsen who turned “pro” in at age 16, would race for small amounts of money at track events when offered.

For the sake of consistency and standardization, noted professional firsts are for the first pro races involving prize money offered by official BMX sanctioning bodies and not independent track events. Professional firsts are also on the national level unless otherwise indicated. Started Racing: or Perry Kramer himself is vague on this point. This is why, during the early years of the pro division, the national number one racer of a sanctioning body could be either an amateur or professional.

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custom rider bmx for life. heres my best mongoose. tl, PM. custom rider bmx for life. thats the nicest mongoose u can buy.

While researching information for my ’81 SuperMax, ’83 Speedwell Sting and up-coming ’79 5-Hole gusset builds, I got so sick of finding information then losing it again that I started copying images of bikes, parts and advertising material into a single place. To assist others, I have reproduced this information over the following pages..

If you have any Malvern Star or Speedwell information or photos, please forward them to me and I will add them to the site. I am especially interested in brochures and advertisements as these are most valuable when restoring bikes back to their original glory. Unlike some of the more prestigious brands who had loyal followers and a racing pedigree worth preserving, these bikes were literarily relegated to the back shed only to be dusted off twenty years later by those who used to own one and wishing to rebuild their childhood bikes.

Unlike the Repco bikes, Malvern Star did not stamp their bikes with a build date making the dating process quite hard and inaccurate. The timeline below has been pieced together from scant information. This is not a definitive work and I would love people to challenge the existing dates and content or submit additional information to complete it. Catalogues and advertising material from the time can provide irrefutable proof of release dates, model variations and marketing approaches.

It was started by cyclist Tom Finnigan who established the shop with the prize he earned gold sovereigns by winning the Austral Wheel Race. Finnigan specialised in touring and racing bikes, which he called Malvern Stars. The business grew with the popularity of cycling and despite competition from English and American firms. Part of Finnigan’s success was due to the endorsement of Don Kirkham, one of the best-known Australian cyclists. Finnigan introduced a logo featuring a six-pointed star, which matched a tattoo on his forearm, used throughout the s.

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