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How do we decide together what we want to learn? How do we produce knowledge from a place of collective ignorance? The textile acts as a resource for transmitting the recounting of past and current conversations. Wood Land School organizing a collective exhibition with workshop participants at Stellwerk, photo: Anike Joyce Sadiq. Rangoato Hlasane of the collective Keleketla! Sonic histories converged in a listening-scape which spread around the Nordstadt neighborhood. To come under the shade of this mango tree with such deliberateness and to experience the fulfillment of solitude emphasize my need for communion. While I am physically alone proves that I understand the essentiality of to be with.

Mango Tree Homestay Guest house, Hampi

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Mango Tree Educational Enterprises is an employee owned, private limited company registered in Uganda. Since , Mango Tree has been developing innovative, interactive education materials and low-literacy communication tools founded on the belief that learning and teaching is most effective when i Since , Mango Tree has been developing innovative, interactive education materials and low-literacy communication tools founded on the belief that learning and teaching is most effective when it is fun.

The company is named after Uganda’s traditional classroom: the shade beneath a mango tree. We employ a multicultural team of various backgrounds and we typically take projects from conceptualization to design up to actual production. Our services encompass illustrations and design, curriculum development, situational analysis, product testing, training of trainers and a variety of creative and technical writing services for storybooks, radio shows, manuals and textbooks.

About the organization Mango Tree Literacy Laboratory is an innovation and research center for early literacy instruction and materials development in Lira, Northern Uganda East Africa. Mango Tree Literacy Laboratory is a spinoff of Mango Tree Education Enterprises, which is a private limited company registered in Uganda with an international reputation for innovations in education and communication.

Mango Tree Literacy Laboratory is currently being registered as a non-profit and will begin implementing project activities in Mango Tree Education Enterprises initiated an early literacy project in the Lango Sub-region in A one-year external evaluation by the University of Michigan in indicated that the model was highly effective.

Flowering Mango Trees: How To Induce Early Flowering To Avoid Market Gluts

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Research within the savings sector to date has produced mixed results on the of the financial management skills they learn through their savings group.

Shady coconut plantations, picturesque stilt fishermen and white, deserted beaches are the perfect background for a healing week in Sri Lanka. This 7-day retreat will introduce you to the oldest healing method of the world, Ayurveda. This method looks back on years of experience and tradition. Scientifically researched and taught in India today.

The harmony of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects is vital to the overall good health. This retreat center offers you facilities and professional guidance true to the traditional teachings of Ayurveda. With the help of their professional Ayurveda physicians, the treatments are custom-tailored to you as an individual.

Central elements of Ayurveda include Ayurveda massages, nutrition, spiritual yoga exercises, meditation and herbal medicine.

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Track my home. Enjoy cooking in the spacious kitchen with an abundance of cabinet space for all of your storage needs. Enjoy family gatherings as you sit in the formal dining or living areas. Family room has enough room for movie nights galore. The backyard is where the uniqueness of this home comes forth.

Under the Mango Tree participants join Sanchayan Ghosh in a walk along Joseph look forward to the group showing us their dance and performance skills.

Trees for the Future TREES plant all sorts of trees and plants, and nearly all of the trees we use are either native or naturalized in the environments where we plant them. We partner with farmers to understand their needs and match them with species that will suit their needs and be environmentally benign. The farmers we work with learn to grow a variety of fast-growing trees, fruit trees, hardwoods and vegetables.

We use the fast-growing trees to secure and stabilize degraded lands. Then we help the farmer diversify his field with fruit trees and hardwoods. Farmers intercrop vegetables and field crops among the trees. TREES Forest Garden Project methodology follows a phased approach that begins with mobilizing resources and stakeholders, then guides farmers through a series of steps, over the course of up to four years, through which they learn to design, establish, and manage their Forest Gardens before graduating from the program.

The five-phase approach includes:. Phase I: Mobilization — In the first phase of the approach we hire project staff and meet with relevant stakeholders government reps, community leaders, and potential partners to solicit their support and formalize the project. With the help of stakeholders we identify interested farmer groups, lead farmers, and participants, and host orientation workshops prior to pursuing training and extension activities.

In the protection phase we provide farmers with the skills and resources needed to protect their forest garden sites. Farmers achieve this by planting green walls — an enhanced version of a living fence that we have developed — around the perimeters of their sites.

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As we continue our winter storytelling special, Ken Corsbie of Guyana and Barbados, tells the tallest tales — how to pick a mango, and adjusting to life in the cold north. And he performs the work of the beloved Caribbean poet Paul Keens-Douglas, complete with steel drum. Ken Corsbie hails from the far reaches of the Caribbean, from Guyana on the northeastern coast of South America.

Welcome to Living on Earth, Ken. Now, just tell us a bit about Guyana. We call ourselves the West Indies. We are affiliated culturally, socially, politically with the Trinidad, Barbados, Granada, St. Vincent, St. Venezuela is Spanish and we never learn Spanish in our schools.

7 Day Wellness Healing Retreat, Beachside Sri Lanka

You love the softness of the ripe fruit in your hands, the sweet smell, the luscious texture, the golden tender flesh, the way its nectarous juice drip on your lips and tongue. Eating a mango is an orgasmic experience for you. One day, you decide to set out to find your mango tree. So you walk and walk, journey to faraway lands, cross over different terrains… and finally you come across an avocado tree.

The avocado fruit — ahhhh, it is so different from the mango, but it is delicious all the same.

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In my mind I still feel like I am the best person for the job. I love the flavor, texture and opportunity mangoes give to me. I am not needed in order to teach people how to eat a fresh mango. Continue Reading…. Wherever you are and whatever your viewpoint is on quarantine or no quarantine, mask or no mask… one thing that most can agree on is that a cocktail at home tastes rather good these days. I recently found myself with some leftover egg whites from an ice cream project I did — which you can find on my other blog My Herbal Roots.

Years ago, while teaching classes at my culinary center in Brooklyn, we attempted to flavor French meringue cookies with different fresh ingredients. We knew that it was difficult, but we felt that it could be done if we had the right texture and consistency.

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