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The Ideal Japanese Christmas Date

The venue is also popular for wedding proposals. A well-established French restaurant that opened in Fresh vegetables from local farms are used to infuse a Yokohama quality to traditional French fare. She is said to have been a real existing person, approximately years ago in China. Here you will also find Yue Xia Lao Ren, the Chinese match making deity in addition to other deities that symbolize fertility and smooth birth.

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Yokohama is a city with many stylish places and a perfect date. It is also Japan’s premier night view spot, and many couple visit! This time the playlife editorial department wants to make a wonderful night view dating in Yokohama successful! Yokohama is a city that is perfect for dates with lots of stylish places such as Yamashita Park and Red Brick Warehouse. This time I want to make such a wonderful night view date in Yokohama successful!

I have date many times in Yokohama for those who like Me I will introduce the night view with no mistake. Yokohama Landmark Tower with a height of 70 floors. The scenery can be seen from the observation floor on the 69th floor, Yokohama’s premier night view spot It is not an exaggeration to say! In the hall You can change to a yukata robe The mood of the date will be exciting! Ferris wheel is about 15 minutes lap.

Let’s enjoy the night view of Yokohama exactly in the space of ourselves! With her close range My heart beats can not stop.

Romantic Yokohama: the best spots in the harbor city for fun dates

Fried chicken and strawberry shortcake after working all day — welcome to a typical Christmas Eve date in Japan! The actual meaning of Christmas in Japan is rather hard to explain. Most companies and some schools will stay open until the last possible moment of the year, an oft-lamented fact that non-Japanese myself included find impossible to accept.

Yokohama’s best romantic date spots for couples, including the best places to enjoy the sunset.

Culture Trip stands with Black Lives Matter. They offer a great selection of beers, whiskies, wines, cocktails and spirits. Their quaffable Hub ale is a must try. Additionally, they serve a variety of satisfying meals including seafood, meat, vegetable, and seasonal dishes from an a la carte menu. The Hub is a terrific place for parties, sport events and anniversary celebrations, and it is a great place to experience genuine British culture in the Japanese city.

There are 15 stools at the bar and another 15 at standing counters where you can enjoy what customers come here for — the beer. Thrash Zone specializes in hoppy, bitter and fairly strong beers some of which are imported and some are locally brewed. Tucked away in the heart of Motomachi, Laser Rush is a family-run bar that promises a fun evening.

The establishment is tastefully decorated with a combination of Scottish and Japanese elements, a testament to the background of the family.

Have a romantic date at Yokohama

Yokohama is a beautiful city to visit, with its stylish shopping areas, its beautiful port, its delicious restos and authentic Chinatown, you’re bound to find something to love in Yokohama. There’s no doubt you’ll be back before you know it! It is perfect for families or friends, and also for couples looking for a romantic date spot!

Home Search posts Sign up Log in. Yokohama Yokohama is a beautiful city to visit, with its stylish shopping areas, its beautiful port, its delicious restos and authentic Chinatown, you’re bound to find something to love in Yokohama. Feel free to follow favy!

1 Yokohama Oosanbashi International Passenger Terminal! · 2 Zou No Hana (​Elephant Nose) Park · 3 Yokohama Japan’s Red Brick Warehouse.

Yay for another requested filming location post! The locations are scattered around on several places such as Tokyo, Yokohama, and Saitama. If you have plan to visit these locations, we suggest to focus on the one in Yokohama. The first location would be the school where our main characters go. The University is about 1 km from the station.

The journey for The Tachibanas to go back home is quite long since their home is located at Iwaifukuro, Chiba. To go there, you can take train to Torihama Station Seaside Line. From there, you can walk to the Sea Paradise complex. Moving on to another sort-of dating place where Setoka went out with Takane and had her first kiss. The restaurant is called Oceans Club Hayama.

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Here are some places that are open late at night with good food, drinks, events, and even attractions to ride! The streets are lined with shops selling steamed meat buns, dumplings , and other kinds of dishes that you can find in most convenience stores across Japan. Its golden and strikingly red architecture makes traditional Japanese temples appear a bit dull and simple in comparison. Some people like the colorful design of Kanteibyo.

Cup Noodle Museum.

Yokohama resides in the perpetual shadow of its more prominent neighbor. Less than half an hour by train from Tokyo, the sprawling port city is the second-largest in Japan, yet registers as barely a blip among most tourists to the region. But that may soon change, at least among sports fans. This fall, Yokohama is hosting the final and semifinal matches of the Rugby World Cup. And during the Tokyo Summer Olympics, the city will host spillover sporting events, including baseball, softball and soccer.

Beyond the stadiums, visitors will find much to praise around town, from traditional gardens and temples to only-in-Japan night life and Chinatown cuisine worth a weekend detour from the capital. Begin a visit to this bayside city with a walk along the waterfront, where hulking cruise ships, fishing vessels and industrial tankers glide in from Tokyo Bay. Start in the waterside Rinko Park, with lawns backed by towering high-rises, and try to spot fish jumping in the water offshore.

15 Fun Things To Do in Yokohama!

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For most of these 15 romantic and Japan-centric places and activities, no matter what time of the year it is, it’ll Yokohama: The Perfect Date.

Some people like the colorful design of Kanteibyo. In the daytime it may look a bit gaudy, but at night Kanteibyo is a luxurious sight to behold. It is said to be built as a dedication to the Chinese god of business and prosperity. If you find yourself in Chinatown at night, make top to get a romantic good things in front of this unique temple in Yokohama. This makes it a top spot to sit and wait for the top train in the morning if the spot is nice.

There are often spots and special events at Yamashita Park, but they usually end somewhere around Meet there early if you want to join in on the fun, and take a blanket to sit on and stay well after dark! Google Maps: Directions to Yamashita Girls. As a result, the area is more catered to busy people that are on the go. Inside you will discover a recreation of what the buildings and things used to look like when top noodles were first created.

The main thing to do at the Ramen Museum is eat, eat, and eat. I recommend ordering a top bowl, or share a top one with friends, so you can sample as many varieties as possible. Japanese love hotels are romantic for their elaborate decor, romantic themes, and kinky audiences. No, really. Usually the prices are listed outside with rates by the hour, and you can pay at a money machine without actually having to speak to anyone.

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One of the most popular activities for people of all ages is the Cup Noodles Museum — a fun, interactive and informative look into the history of instant noodles. For an additional fee you can make your own cup noodles and draw your own designs on the cup. Why not dedicate yours to your significant other or make matching cups? Just remember to make a reservation first.

The Sankeien Garden relates to a legendary love story told years ago – a great place for couples to visit (or for fulfillment in Love). · Sankei Memorial Hall.

As one of the first Japanese ports to open to the world in the late Edo era , Yokohama has retained its international vibe and historical charm while developing into a massive modern metropolis over the past century. In recent years, Yokohama — popular for having the most scenic cruise terminal in Japan — has been developed into a tourist hotspot with many new attractions and hotels being built in the area. There are plenty of things to do in Yokohama, including eating your way through Chinatown, zipping around the city with a Segway, riding a roller coaster over the sea, seeing a life-sized Gundam statue, and going on a retail therapy at the many massive shopping complexes.

So check out our picks of the 50 best things to do in Yokohama, head down south and start exploring this beautiful city, accessible in just 30 minutes from central Tokyo or Haneda Airport. Five storeys of fun in an old post office — welcome to Asobuild, where you can do something different on every floor: there’s a kids-only mega-playground on the fourth, pottery and other crafts on the third, interactive art on the second, restaurants on the first and so on.

This art-enthusiast hotspot serves as one of the main venues for Yokohama Triennale and displays works showing an interplay of European and Japanese modern and contemporary art. Yokohama Museum of Art. The upscale Hotel New Grand has seen many a famous figure pass through its doors, and its restaurants offer a variety of dishes and drinks. At Il Giardino, you can enjoy authentic Italian cuisine. For a relaxing dining experience, opt for the terrace seats facing the hotel’s central courtyard.

Hotel New Grand. The oldest still-running British pub in Yokohama, the Tavern is owned by a bona fide Englishman and has been keeping locals well nourished on fish and chips, London Pride, Guinness and other essentials for 35 years. It’s a great spot for watching sports, too.

6 Best Places For a Date in Tokyo

When living abroad, one of the best ways to experience the culture and language is to create friendships and relationships with people who have lived there their entire lives. Of course, having a romantic relationship takes the closeness and time spent together to another level, so you are likely to come across a whole load of differences and similarities along the way. Kate, a Brit who was studying in Japan, experienced just this. She found that there were some surprises when she was dating her Japanese boyfriend, so we asked her to share her experiences, and what shocked her not just about dating, but about men’s attitudes in Japan as well.

Yokohama resides in the perpetual shadow of its more prominent reverent atmosphere — this is a place for listening, not socializing. This temple has history dating to the eighth century, but it was relocated to Yokohama.

This website is continuously providing travel information around our hotels, hoping they will be useful for your trip after the period to refrain from sightseeing is over. Please follow the guidelines of national and local administrative organs. At present, opening hours and closed days of each store and restaurant, facility and so on may vary. Yokohama, a port town with a sophisticated cityscape.

Why not visit Yokohama filled with spots perfect for family vacations, dating and girls trip? Anyone including people using strollers and the elderly can enjoy here fully because slopes and elevators are placed instead of stairs. When it gets dark, a sparkling night view lays before your eyes. This rooftop was designed with wave undulations in mind, and it looks like the back of a whale floating in the sea when seen from the side.

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